JSC „Mens accurata“ is trying to work more closely with customers. Its objective is to: customer service complex (bookkeeping, management accounting, and data analysis) must be given in such a way that its activities optimally adapt to market conditions and acquire long-term growth.

    The company employees over 12 years of practice. There is progress is not only perfect practice for tax accounting, but also systemic economic and financial data analysis. It is estimated the company state, discovered the problem domain inappropriate factors, which after many calculations are offered alternative solutions. Recently, the company has invested in the knowledge that deal with programming languages in order to improve the data analysis work.

    Anyway The team is human, trying to adapt to the customer, everyone realizes that life does not stand still and raises all sorts of problems.

    Company employees communicate in Lithuanian, English and Russian languages. It also takes advantage of the client's business approach that is if the customer has experienced the benefits of this is only moral and material satisfaction goes to the JSC „Mens accurata“ workers.