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Accounting is managed quality and professionally. Employee practices exceeds 12 years. We communicate in English, Russian and Lithuanian languages.
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Accounting Management

Accounting services are provided under the parties signed a contract bookkeeping services. Depending on your business intensity and amount of documentation can choose a fixed or variable cost accounting, which is evaluated on a monthly basis according to the actual workload. According to the signed contract for the services you pay for at the end of a calendar month or a variable cost of service, followed by workload assessment.

According to the agreement you will get these accounting services :

• Purchase and sales invoices recording and filling of relevant records ;
• Bank documents recording and compiling a register ;
• Cash documents recording ;
• Cash book refill ;
• Accounting of accountable people ;
• Fixed asset accounting and register;
• Vehicle records ( write-off of the fuel acts of trip sheets , etc. ) ;
• Inventory accounting ( write-off regulations, goods movement statements residue accounting) ;
• Payroll calculation and recording ( time sheets filling, payroll sheets filling, filling Declarations and Statements of workers);
• Mission to Lithuania and abroad accounting ( per diem , and other allowable deductions in a record ) ;
• Copyright Agreements accounting;
• Tax Calculation and recording;
• Declarations , reporting and presentation of Tax authorities, social security, the Environmental Protection Department ( pack a charge ), customs ( Intrastat ) and the Department of Statistics ;
• the financial statements preparation and presentation of the Centre of Registers ;
• Consultation accounting, tax accounting , and economic and financial analysis of issues relating to your business.
• Economic and financial analysis of the performance of different methods (the discovery of the problem domain factors and their possible alternatives to the proposal, the problem identified of the client and its assessment of the company, after many calculations, they offer an alternative solution).

The additional fee is charged only for the purchase of office supplies for your company (binders document storage), mail shipping (if you would like us to send correspondence to us). If you do not want to pay for these costs in accordance with the agreement the necessary measures can introduce yourself.

How will your documents:

Accounting servicesYour company deliver the documents are checked whether they are all required by law props. After the documents are grouped into separate folders by date and stored in our office, be prepared before the financial statements. Later presentation of the financial statements, registration and submission of declarations of Tax authorities, social security, the Environmental Protection Department (pack a charge), customs (Intrastat) and the Department of Statistics, your company's progress to the documents are returned to you. The ability to collaborate and meet up (delivery of documents to our office), or by electronic mail (e- mail, Skype).

Certain documents may remain in our office for several reasons:

• Internal documents (orders received and sent documents and records of the second copy of the same document);
• Employment contracts and other documents that may be required in response to inquiries from government authorities.

With you will communicate our worker who will work with your company. He will get acquainted with the specifics of your company's work and is always available to answer your questions.



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